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February 19, 2007 - Author: newscoma - Comments are closed

Information Fatigue Syndrome?

Actually, here is some pretty good advice from Lifehack.

I’ve never really thought about the concept of Framing. Sounds like something to think about.

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Discussion (11 Comments)

  1. Huh.

    All this time I’ve put the phone on forward and turned off the e-mails and hung the “I’m on deadline, talk to you later” sign on the tree (!) and put on the good music so I could get my editing done … and I was doing something that has a much shorter name.

    Only trouble is, I was making “foolish decisions and flawed conclusions” long before I got sawaumped by the Innernets. I need a distraction (music) that I can control to focus properly. Huh.

    Interesting, though. Thanks for the link. And may I say that I just LOVE the lovely Miss Mabel reading the paper in the header. She looks so HAPPY!

  2. by Mack

    I can post without signing in! The world is a better place. I completely relate to this topic, though I don’t have the deadlines that you and Grandfille share. Still, I find that the sheer volume of work to do on this farm is sometimes capable of prolonging a sort of inertia with me…bad weather just gets me further behind, adds to my stress levels. Part of it is that I focus too much on when it is done, and forget to enjoy the process itself.

    I thought you meant framing an argument or position. Lakoff made a mint with that book, and he’s on target more often than not, but it bothers me that so many see the practice as a cure-all. Anyway, like the new joint!

  3. by Ginger

    I’ve gotta have tunes to accomplish any type of productive activity. I think it’s what you said grandefille…gotta have one distraction to focus on, otherwise my mind will travel in a hundred different directions and many, many rabbit trails.

    Cool info.

  4. I thought I was just stressed to the gills and now its got a name.
    Information Fatigue Syndrome.
    Sometimes the labeling thing stresses me out as much as anything.
    Grandefille, I have to say I just hit the Do Not Disturb, and stare at the wall.
    Yeah, I’m going to do that now.
    Thanks for the nice compliments about Mabel.

  5. Hi – I’m the guy who wrote the post. Music is definitely ok (if it is not distracting), and the thing about framing is it’s helps you wall off the distractions that prevent really focusing on the task at hand.

    We are so awash in information we’re like sailors trying to get the engine running while water is filling the compartment!

  6. Wow. Thanks for stopping by. I keep thinking that maybe this might be better information than just staring at the wall.

  7. by KC

    I can post! I can post!


  8. Great article! I’m happy to have a name to associate to the symptoms too!

    Mabel is stunning in the new header! Does she practice framing?

  9. Unfortunately, Mabel practices eating all my valentines day candy by climbing on the furniture to get to it, eating her own (okay we won’t go there) and licking me pretty soon afterwards.
    Of course, she is my canine child and I am smitten with her.

  10. Wow!! How did you train her to eat her own…ya know??? That’s the best trick of all!

  11. Nope, Sara Sue.
    She figured out that delicacy herself. According to my cat loving friends, kitty litter would be right up her alley.
    She has her own toothbrush.
    I haven’t taught her how to use it (the damned thing is that she doesn’t have thumbs) so I do it for her.
    I guess I’m a pathetic canine mother.