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Yeah, I Don’t Get It

July 15, 2007 - Author: newscoma - Comments are closed

Ice Road Truckers?

I’m not getting it. But then again, I get other television like crab fishermen bitching at each other willing to die for a buck. And I’m just dang well smitten with it.

Big Brother, dumb people locked in a house, well, I get the lives of the vain and desperate.

But, I just don’t get Ice Road Truckers.

Now, maybe if they were zombie-truckers, I’d be more understanding of it.

And, this is for Horror/Hollywood Ron and The Freedonian:


Yes, this movie is wonderfully bad.

And I saw it twice.

Categories: Television, When The Beer Runs Dry, The Coma Cries, Zombies

Discussion (No Comments)

  1. by Klinde

    You know the German and I agree with you about Ice Truckers… Then again, I showed that my trash TV consists of “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”. I am pitiful and need a 12 step program….

    We loved, loved, loved getting to know you and SQ last night.

    Friends, beer and cheese… Of. The. Good.

  2. Yes, my dear.
    It really was.
    Give that tall German a kiss from the west and then give him to give you one back, also from the west.


  3. by Ron

    Ahh, Zombie, a Lucio Fulci classic! And by classic, I mean mostly crap except for that insane fight.

  4. Yeah, it was dreadful, but that one clip was gold.

  5. by LeBlanc

    Ok, so I watched that clip twice…don’t really get it. Sorry.

  6. That’s alright. Zombies fighting sharks is an elusive business indeed.
    I think it’s just the concept of a zombie fighting a shark I find somewhat charming.
    Who comes up with this shit?

  7. Yeah, the wife and I were excited about Ice Road Truckers…until we watched a couple episodes. I guess we were expecting it to be as good as Deadliest Catch, but it got boring very quickly.

  8. Here’s a link for ya, NC.

  9. You are so groovy, Kathy T., that I’m swooning.

  10. mmmm
    Shark brains

    Or is it?