The One Where Cuppa Starts A Meme

And it’s a good one.

I love me some Joe Powell, so I’m in. My answers are in red.

Time for you to speak up, dear and patient readers via this Seriously Unscientific Survey. I constantly provide my thoughts here and now I am seeking yours. Answer all or some, as you see fit. Nations and peoples across the globe await your answers:

1 — Do you have a preference for any one candidate in the current race for President of the U.S.? Please give a reason for your choice (or lack of one).

I’m still undecided, but it’s between a bunch of democrats. (heh, haaa, arum). Actually, it’s between Obama and Edwards although I sort of counted myself in the Richardson camp for awhile. I can’t decide why I can’t pick between them, but that’s where I am.

2 — The state of Tennessee is one of 24 states holding a primary this year on Feb. 5th. Will you be voting in this primary and do you think it wise to hold that many on the same day? Is it time to end the massive one day primary battles?

I personally like Super Tuesday. There is something very old school in a good way about it.

3 — How would you describe your views on immigration policies in the U.S.?

I think that we need to treat everyone the same first of all and quit making the word “immigrant” a dirty word, which irritates the crap out of me. There are legal immigrants in this country and there are illegal immigrants here but the national argument is mind-blowing to me. There are laws on the books already to deal with the issue but we have forgotten human decency in this national/statewide argument. I find the whole immigration debate to be very important on one level though, and that is the Sneeches argument that certain folks want to make it an us-and-them thing. We need a dialogue, not a bunch of finger pointing.

4 — Where do you seek news and information the most and do you talk about the news with those you work with, with friends and with family?

I get a lot of news online. I do discuss news a lot (ha) and I find that politics/news is discussed in my inner circle. Badger and Squirrel Queen are ferocious on this, as is, the sister, Homer, who recently studied every candidate’s position and informed me on each one.

5 — How many hours a day (or week) would you say you spend online and what type of sites do you visit the most?

I spend too much time online. I go to a lot of sites from entertainment to political. I also go to sites written by real people writing about real things. I love to find beautiful small things that speak to me.

6 — On a scale of one to ten, with one being lowest and ten the highest, what score would you give for the success of your local school system? What score for your local school board?

I think people are doing the best they can despite “No Child Left Behind” which I think isn’t focusing on kids. My opinion.

7 — What’s the most recent movie/ TV show/ or book you enjoyed?

Stephen Colbert’s “I am America (And So Can you!)” which I think is fun.

That’s all for now, but I am adding a bonus question if you wish to answer, I would appreciate the input. Ready?

Participate and there’s a $25 gift certificate in it for you from Best Buy. Whoops. He wants us to tell him how to spend his gift card. I’m such a carnival barker sometimes. Tell him to buy The Host and to invite me over. I’ll drive over, dammit.

With that said, what do you think? Let Joe know if you participating. His Serious, Unscientific Survey. It’s a good one. Go now.

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