TNDP Soap Opera

I’m gone for an hour and half and I find that the whole TNDP thing has blown up like raccoon roadkill on a hot July day.

Man, so much here to ponder, so allow me to try, in my TheraFlu induced brain, to tackle this.

Yesterday, a group of bloggers, including myself, were sent an email from Wade Munday about engagement of the online community and the democratic party for this state. Those emails were insightful, showed great promise and even were cathartic.

This morning, we see Ilissa’s post regarding a major shakedown at the TNDP.

Then I went out to the non-virtual world and gave one of the worst speeches of my life at 7:30 this morning to the local business association on the reason why we need to keep domestic violence advocacy alive and well in Hoots. Being sick and all, I’m afraid I put everyone to sleep but I gave it a good old college try.

I get back to the hacienda to read Mike’s report over at No Silence Here.

Hell of a lot can happen when you are at a meeting. I knew some crap was going down but that was quick.

Kleinheider breaks some of it down, but as Illissa said in comments, and from what I’ve heard here in West Tennessee, that’s not what we’ve been told.

Point blank, I’ve heard that the purge was done due to lack of the office’s lack of participation around the state although Munday tried yesterday. I also heard there are some very unhappy elected officials in party who were shocked to learn that their areas, outside of metropolitan ones, were basically ignored. The areas of their constituents.

Don’t mess with a politician’s constituents, campers. Especially when they have tried to engage the party’s office.

Adam is right on one hand, campaign jobs come and go through election cycles, but there are some people way beyond the scenes who aren’t pleased.

I hate to say it, but it was a little too late although I do think Munday was very sincere in his intentions yesterday.

But, over at Silence Isn’t Golden, Ilissa writes:

Several progressive Tennessee bloggers received an email this morning from (now former) TNDP Communications Director Wade Munday, to see how we could better work with the state party and what we need from them. The most common theme that came up in the responses was that we are happy to promote their message, but we need communication from them on a more regular basis. Well, it looks like we won’t be getting ANY communication in the near future, since the people who could provide those messages are now out of a job!

I will say one thing out of the box. I ended up contacting Left Wing Cracker as no Memphis bloggers were included on the list. Nitpicky, I know, but it needs to be said.

I also think it’s so ironic that Munday was trying to help Gray Sasser and he’s the one out. WTF? Sasser was the man on the spot, not Munday. So why does Sasser get to keep his job and Munday is out.

Call me confused. If Ilissa is right, then some cages are going to rattle and they are going to rattle very soon. As she put it last week, Fulmer had to take the fall for the Vols because his recruiting basically was of the suck in recent years. Football, politics, the same difference if you ask me. Munday threw a Hail Mary yesterday and progressive bloggers caught it.

I don’t know Munday from adam, incidentally as I am geographically challenged apparently when it comes to the political process. Just saying.

The information in the emails was very accurate and some good stuff. The man who has that information is now out of a job.

Is it a mess? You betcha, as our former nominee for vice-president would say.

The question is what’s next.

Where’s my Dramamine because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

UPDATE: Aunt B. asks a good question that I’m ashamed I didn’t ask.

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  1. November 11, 2008 at 10:08 am

    There’s even a rumor that Sasser is reconsidering, and that needs to be stopped.

  2. November 11, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Don’t forget to bucke your seatbelt as well.

  3. November 11, 2008 at 11:35 am

    Given all the effort that the state party put into the past election, why did they not get rid of everyone except the office manager? Sigh, it would be even better if our little part of the universe was the only state where that happened, but it wasn’t. southern democrats have become as scarce as hen’s teeth, udging by the results.

    maybe we’re all dead.

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