Vibinc Gets It

Vibinc just might be the perfect dude to listen to regarding Tennessee Politics on the left side.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not arguing for pragmatism over principle, I’m arguing against surrender. When we surrender districts we surrender our values to a bully pulpit that ultimately undermines our values. By running someone who represents the Democratic platform, we affirm our values, even if the candidate in question may have certain contrary positions. I would rather have a part-time ally than a consistent adversary. And while I’ve been hard on the Blue Dogs and other groups in the US Congress, I know that without them, we would have no majority to speak of.

Guys, when I say the roads in Hoots are more empty than I’ve ever seen them, I mean it. When I say that we have issues, I’m not blowing smoke out my nether regions. When I tell you that I, personally, have been hit with a financial sledgehammer due to the economy that is debilitating, I’m not laughing about it because it’s not a joke. When I see that rural Americans have ultimately been left out of pretty much everything in Nashville regarding politics, I’m saying it with a somber look on my face.

If I tell you my faith in a lot of things is dwindling, I’m not just saying it to get a rise out of you or to create a blogger thread. I’m living it.

And Vibinc gets that because he’s been there himself.