Forrester, Bone: Use The Internet To Communicate

You know, the TNDP race for chair is funny to me in a lot of ways. Not Ha Ha funny butI’m having to depend on bloggers like Liberadio, Sean Braisted, KAG, R. Neal and Kleinheider to tell me what the hell is going on. What limited information I have is the Chip Forrester has been traveling around to meet with folks, I know very little about Charles Robert Bone except through the efforts of bloggers.

When you use your google fu on Forrester, the first thing that shows up is KnoxViews. For Bone, it’s his law firm and then KnoxViews is third in line.

I think, because both men can’t be everywhere at once, that they do what R. Neal recommended and create an email database established to progressive Tennessee bloggers and get their PR on outside of urban areas. Andy Berke is on Twitter right now and checks in quite a bit. I’ve never met him either but I have sort of gotten a feel for him there and through his Tennessean article a few weeks ago. I joined his newsletter this morning at this site. Very smart.

Obviously Forrester and Bone are not using tools available to them.

You have the technology, TNDP.

Use it to spread the word to those of us who are geographically challenged.

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  1. Kerry
    December 17, 2008 at 10:33 am

    Agreed. We’re living in an age when even small town PTA chairmanship campaigns have MySpace pages and Twitter accounts. What if Forrester and Bone each had a Blogger or WordPress site where they could archive their plans for rebuilding the party (which would automatically prompt comments and feedback, natch), photos of their meetings with folks around the state, a calendar of their upcoming meetings/junkets, a diary of their travels and observations, etc.

    Simple and free. It’s about building brand affinity through frequent, low-impact communication. And it would cast a promising eye to how they might want to revamp the TNDP’s communication apparatus moving forward.

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