TVA: A Blog Can Be Started Within Minutes


As Silence says, we are going to have to get out our checkbooks in this great state of Tennessee due to the TVA environmental nightmare in east Tennessee. If you don’t want to read this, go look at this picture of a bunch of animals. Go look at it anyway.

I have some advice.

  • Let the oil companies pay for the autobailout. They made record amounts of money this year. it’s situations like the TVA coal incident that require money. Oil companies can give cash because they NEED the cars.
  • Let TVA’s budget pay for clean-up and the health issues that are going to come out of ash being everywhere. Let people see it for themselves. If they choose to go to Harriman and they are arrested/detained, it looks like a friggin’ coverup. Is it?
  • Mainstream Media across the country, hear me now: Yeah, yeah, I know it’s just Tennessee but it’s still an environmental disaster in this country. You know, the United States of America where we all live. Do you guys think we just have Elvis’ ghost and Dolly Parton here in Tennesse. Sheesh. MSM receives the asshat/wanker award for the month. Maybe the year but they’ve done so much.
  • From a news perspective, citizen journalism has pawned national MSM on this one. If MSM was worried before, they should be terrified now. Twitter owned you on this one.
  • Why does the common man have to be accountable and corporations/big government doesn’t?
  • There are so many good posts out there right now covering this in the blogosphere that it would be hard to list them all. Head to Cuppa, Nashville is Talking, Silence’s, Enclave, Southern Beale, RoaneViews and others for their commendable coverage of something that effects this entire region.
  • And remember, new blogs on important issues like this can be started within minutes. And they have been.

I’m done with my rant.

UPDATED: Knox Views has a feature called Ask TVA. Go ask.

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3 comments for “TVA: A Blog Can Be Started Within Minutes

  1. December 28, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    thanks for the mention, ‘Coma. the scope of this enormous disaster is vast and the damage will take an unknown toll. a terrible end to the year, for certain. and most disappointing is how state government and emergency response has not been visible. TVA’s control is total over the situation, and information has been hard to find without the help of many many bloggers.

  2. December 28, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    your bailout advice rocks. while we are at it, let’s add the “end the fed” movement. (look it up, makes sense to me)

    TVA is famous for screwing people over, look at what they did to the people they “relocated” when they built Kentucky and Barkley lakes all those years ago. What killed me with this horrible disaster is that when it first happened, TVA officials were telling residents to just “not touch or wade in it.” no evacuations, no immediate help. to be honest, i don’t know what they have done at this point, but i have no doubt that it is not nearly enough.

    as for MSM, you know what i have to say about that. “wanker” doesn’t even begin to cover it! :)

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