Mike Sechrist At NewsTechZilla

I’m pimping. I’ve never been a pimp before as I never went to pimp school, but I’m very proud of NewsTechZilla so there. It’s good to be proud of something and I am. (I guess I should break out and start singing “It’s hard out here for a Pimp.”

My mind works in funny ways. That song is for Scout, who loves Hustle and Flow much more than she likes cheese. Well, she hates cheese but she loves Hustle and Flow/Terrence Howard.

Our featured article that went live this morning might have some resonance for those folks who loved, and still love, Nashville is Talking.

Mike Sechrist wrote an editorial for us and I’m just beaming. He’s moved on from the first incarnation of NiT, (here’s a video clip from Rex Hammock of Sechrist from 2006 if you want to take a time machine) but he took some time to pontificate about his opinions on the future of the news business.

Anyhoo, I think it’s cool and I hope you do to.

Now, go look at this picture of Chuck Norris, who will (put Chuck Norris cliche here.)