Chip In!


Sometimes it starts with just a few people and a message can grow and spread.

When Chip Forrester was elected to the head up the TNDP a couple of weeks ago, the issue of grassroots came into play. It’s actually been a discussion for some time.

Here’s your grassroots.

Many of us in the progressive blogosphere are lending a helping hand. R. Neal explains better than I can:

To support that effort, progressive bloggers across the state of Tennessee are this morning launching the “Chip in!” online fundraising blogathon to support the Tennessee Democratic Party during this critical rebuilding phase.

We have set up an ActBlue fundraising page where you can “chip in” a little or as much as you can to support this netroots effort and help the Tennessee Democratic Party hit the ground running for the critical 2010 elections for Governor and House of Representatives. Your secure online contribution goes directly to the Tennessee Democratic Party’s FEC regulated committee fund.

In his acceptance speech, TNDP chair Chip Forrester said “The Democratic Party has always stood for the average man and woman against the forces of power, privilege, and elitism. We have stood for fairness and safety in the marketplace and in the workplace, we have stood for individual rights and freedoms, we have stood for equal opportunities for all Americans, we have stood for equality and justice for all.”

The Tennessee GOP has been hitting hard over the past couple of years. Forrester made the call and there are some of us who are coming together to do what we can.

If anything, the recent election of Pres. Barack Obama has proven that the few can be the many.

We have a voice. We are wanting to roar a bit by taking small steps to help rebuild the TNDP for the long-term.

You see, you can talk about it or you can do.

Tennessee progressive bloggers are doing today.  Any donation, large or small, can help us on a path for not only 2010, but for the future.

And also know, this is an independent effort by a group of like-minded people in the Tennessee progressive blogosphere and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the TNDP. We are doing this on our own.

We got your grassroots right here. If you don’t have any money to donate, you can also contact the Tennessee Democratic Party about volunteering your time in the coming days.

If you want to join in, grab the badge and spread the message.