The Good, The Bad And The Governor’s Race

One of the reasons that I talk about candidates for office using social media regarding politics is simply the issue of being somewhat geographically challenged. Some of the things I’m seeing come out of Nashville right now is hopeful and I’m pleased to see some progress.

First out, the TNDP is holding blogger conference calls and it’s going to be at a set time. Last night, Chip Forrester held another conference call but unfortunately I couldn’t make that one due to it being birthday palooza around here but I do know when the next one is. Anyone who wants to participate can.

This is access and that, campers, is of the good.

At this point of the game, Ward Cammack is the guy I’m hearing the most about issues from as he has been accessible, he has a new website and he’s talking to bloggers. When one is geographically challenged, seeing a lot of activity from a candidate is helpful.

I know a couple of folks in Hoots are very intrigued and interested in Kim McMillan. I don’t know a ton about her other than what she did as House Majority Leader, which she held twice. The biggest issue that McMillan is facing is needing cash to fund her campaign and the reality that every time her name is brought up, the income tax that she supported in 2002 is, as Randy Button said a couple of years ago, that it has become a byline for her campaign. I have a feeling that there is going to be a great deal of money spent on this election, especially heading into the primary and she doesn’t appear to have very much on hand. I’d like to see her put more of her platform on her website which really is the only criticism that I have about her online presence.

Jim Kyle hasn’t really announced yet, Roy Herron is running but is keeping things to himself right now I’m assuming until session is over and then we have Mike McWherter.

I think it goes without saying that former governor Ned McWherter is going to back his son in this race and although he may be just a slice of colorful history to some of the younger bloggers in the state, I can tell you that he is still formidable in his own right. The bottom line comes to that with Mike’s campaign you can’t mention the son without mentioning who his dad is.

On to being geographically challenged, Mike McWherter’s website needs A LOT of work. The issues on the page, which very rarely loads right for me, are generic. For those of us all across the state that depend on online information, his site isn’t saying too much. I do, however, think this will be corrected in time. I would like to hear him discuss his business/political model and what he intends to do. Once that happens, then we may start talking about Mike as just Mike instead of mentioning his father so much.

This is a long state from Memphis to Chattanooga. There are a lot of miles to cover. The candidates have a lot of handshaking to do, but it’s a no brainer to remember that the Internet has made the distance irrelevant to a large degree.

It’s just up to the candidates to use it to get the message out to the little guys like me.