Like Comparing A Television To A Radio

Wow. She’s right.

What follows are a few of my thoughts regarding recent changes in social networking. It’s also an exercise in geeking out. Those of you who are not card-carrying social media experts probably won’t understand why I’m so excited, but it’s worth the effort to learn. “But Amber,” you might say, “why would I want to waste hours of my invaluable time getting to know each other in 140 characters or less? I’m already friends with you on Facebook.” The difference between Facebook and Twitter is comparative to the difference between the telephone and radio. On Facebook, it is always a two-way conversation. We friend each other, and unless we play around with some privacy settings, we have complete access to each other. It’s a more personal connection. Twitter is a broadcast medium. You can talk to each other over a two-way radio, or you can just listen to the chatter over the channel. You can get a lot of interesting information both ways.

Amber breaks down Facebook and Twitter in a very concise analysis. I highly recommend folks read her post this morning.