Harold Ford Jr., Lane Kiffin And Swinging Doors

Go read GoldnI right now. She writes of being on the front lines with Harold Ford Jr. in his last election and how the recent turn of events has created a great deal of hurt.

It does Democrats back here in Tennessee a huge disservice. There are good Democrats in this state, urban or rural, progressive or not, who are trying to put the focus back where it belongs–on jobs, on healthcare, on education. But Ford, still arguably one of the highest profile Democrats in the state until he changes his driver’s license, continues to perpetuate the notion that none of that matters as much as finding a Confederate flag and a camo hat to pose for the cameras with.
I wrote about HFJ yesterday. I guess I’m going to go all Southern for a moment and say to him and to Lane Kiffin, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

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