Dog Murder

Last night I saw Dirk Diggler and his strapping son, Dirk Diggler Jr. (DDJ) who were throwing an Anheuser product back anticipating hump day, I guess.

Dirk told me that someone purposefully killed DDJ’s husky, whose name was Ice. Not only did they kill this dog, but they killed three of the neighbors dogs, a lab, a boxer and a boxer mix, with poison.Whatever poison it was killed these four large dogs quickly and in just a matter of minutes. Dirk lives outside of Hoots

Dirk ended up going to retrieve the animal at 3:30 in the morning after he got a call from his neighbor, the one who lost three dogs in one night. Ice was gone. The authorities took what Dirk said was an empty tupperware bowl and some of the pets’ blood for analysis to see what exactly they had been give to eat.

These pets were murdered.

I am more pissed off than words can say about this.

Whoever did this, I hope your man or woman bits fall off painfully. You are a waste of air.

Rant over.