Back And Forth And Back Again

Last night was, in some ways, about saying good-bye to the last year and a half of my life. It was nice, adult beverages were consumed and new business was discussed.I’ve met some amazing people and I hope I don’t lose touch with them.

It was one of those nights where people were all huggy.

It’s weird having been on both sides of the political spectrum now from writing news to working in politics. I admit I’ve learned a lot. I guess you would say I’m processing a lot of things now.

There are times I am tentatively optimistic. I am in Nashville today but will return to Hoots this afternoon. I basically have a face-to-face interview early in the afternoon and then a telephone interview to do on the drive home. I’ve gotten a few folks saying they want to talk to me about some opportunities and, of course, I hope they do it sooner rather than later. (I’ve become quite fearful of lip service these days.) With Christmas coming up, the stress of the holidays always wears me out as it does other people as well. It is sort of compounded by the lack of stability right now.

In Hoots, I’m also looking too and a couple of people mentioned some freelance projects on focusing on local entrepreneurship development and focusing on that because it honestly needs some attention.

On politics, it’s always funny to me to hear what I’m hearing in northwest Tennessee and then how I hear the same story in Nashville and the different perspectives attached due to geographical location. The same thing occurs when I’m in Memphis. It’s all of value, mind you, but there is always slight differences.This state goes 440 miles from the tip of Memphis to the Virginia border. I’m constantly amazed that we only have three divisions because in reality, we have five when you add the powerhouse of the Bluff on the Big Muddy and the red waves of northeast Tennessee. Sometimes the message does flow throughout the state, other times it doesn’t. Wash, Rinse, Repeat …

As I’ve said many times, in politics, the war is never won. You just win certain battles. Maybe it’s the same thing with our personal lives too.

I’ll have to think on that for awhile.

Incidentally, if you don’t think the world in changing in news and politics, you really need to read this story about a Shelby County Commissioner who uses Twitter during commission meetings and how it has caused a stir. This is one of those stories I hope gets legs. On the outside looking in, it’s hysterical. But there is a story within the story is that some government bodies don’t get that news is happening in real time.

Ahh, weird changing world, sometimes you amuse me.