Early Morning Observations On Egypt, Tennessee And The Internet

I woke up this morning at 4:45 a.m. I only tell you this as this is my time of the day. I look online, I drink a cup of coffee and I process the day ahead. Squirrel Queen, who has been here for over a week and is leaving today, is sleeping off one of the worst colds I’ve seen in a long time. She looks miserable and sounds as if she is drowning in her own fluids. I admit I’m sad that she has to go.

“Small Girl on Army Track, She was chanting: Freedom, Freedom” Photo credit: Ramy Raoof

I watched Twitter and Al Jazeera this morning. Six Al Jazeera journalists have been arrested by the Egyptian government according to their Twitter feeds. As you know, I think this is important and game-changing. You can only watch Al Jazeera online in most places in the United States. If you are watching Fox News or CNN, all I’ve seen today are updates that are six-hours old. I do know, however, that John Boehner is a smoker which I could care less about. As of this writing, the networks I’ve been watching haven’t reported the arrests although I just noticed that USA Today has picked it up. The story is three graphs. (As I’ve been working on this post, Twitter just reported that the journalists have been released but their camera equipment remains confiscated. This has all happened in the last hour.)

If you don’t have the Internet, how would you know the various layers happening in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and the Sudan right now? I’m not talking the top layer of the onion, I’m talking about the subtle, and sometimes volatile protests occurring in the Middle East right now.  Doc Searls is right, we are watching a Sputnik moment happening right before our eyes. There are many layers to this story.

As I get up early, I am always exhausted by about 5 p.m. I’ve been an early riser for about 10 years. My sister, Homer, is also in the habit of getting up in the early hours. I don’t know if we find comfort from the sun rising but I do know it is what we do. I have tried to retrain myself with my new hours, but it hasn’t worked.

I continued my journey this morning as I navigated through the information highway. In Tennessee, we are looking at Tort Reform again, teachers in the news and Bill Haslam having another Haslam moment.

Things are moving fast.

Are we ready for any of it?

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