Nashville Unity Rally On Legislative Plaza

I haven’t blogged much this week because real life things got in the way. I was also in a mood that would rival an anemic and very hungry menopausal tiger.

There was a funeral that I’m not ready to write about but for the first time in a month I have been able to spend some time with Squirrel Queen. Yes, you read that right, an entire month. I’m one of those folks that has had to leave friends and family to find viable employment.

We decided to go to the Nashville Rally yesterday at the capital. (You see a sweeping brief shot of Squirrely about 1:50 in.) There are highlight from Ben over at Daily Kos and another update from Monkey Muck from Johnson City.

Ben Grady

Let me explain something to you. My grandfather delivered the mail after World War II for decades. He worked for the post office and each day he would drive miles around the rural areas of Weakley County. He knew every house, every dog’s name that chased his ancient Scout and he would come home exhausted. I think he liked his job alright and he was union. I know 1,983 people, not all personally of course, who are losing their jobs this year at the Goodyear plant in Union City. I know that those teachers that spend roughly 40 hours a week with my two beloved nieces need a voice. It’s their first amendment right.

So, I stand with Wisconsin.

This week bills that minimize the work that teachers and unions do will sweep through the halls of the legislature. As Mary Mancini said yesterday standing on the steps at the plaza, there are only five jobs out of over 2,000 that address jobs in this 107th session of the General Assembly. Want to see what your elected official has been doing? Go read R. Neal right now.

The event was peaceful. I met two women who came up from east Tennessee to support the protest and they plan to come back, at $3.24 a gallon, next weekend. I met firefighters. I met young people that are tired of their voice being minimized. I met people who truly believe, as I do, that the middle-class is under attack.

I met people like myself that had to move from their home to find employment. I met people like myself that work more than one job to make ends meet.

The Rich Robbed Us

As is Nashville I’m learning, the Biggest Loser was auditioning around the corner. I pondered on that a minute but realized that’s just what happens here. That story made the front page of the Tennessean’s online website. The rally didn’t. (Missing you Mr. Seigenthaler.)

On a final note, there were no elected State Democrats that I saw at the rally. That one made me scratch my head. I’m hoping that I just missed that. I don’t think I did but if I am wrong, I’ll own it.

As Aunt B said last week to me, these times are redefining us. We will never be the same. I agree with her, we have a new normal.

I am one of those statistics. I stand with hardworking Tennesseans because I’m one of them.

I have about 80 photos from yesterday on my Flickr stream. Some of the signs are brilliant. You can view the set here.