Floods And The Death of Osama bin Laden

I think it goes without saying that we will never forget the day that the towers fell, the pentagon burned and a field in Pennsylvania was the final resting place of victims who were heroes.

I am with Betsy here. I am glad that Osama bin Laden is gone. I feel that it is important to recognize that there is some closure and I see it as a serious moment in our history. As I come from a military family from fine men who served our country, what we saw was a wonderful example of what can be done.

bin Laden brought this nation pain. He reveled in causing us pain and terrifying us. He was a mass murderer. And I’m glad he’s gone.

There is justice today. There is also the reality that there may be blowback from his death.

But there are other news stories today that also deserve attention.  Flooding along the Mississippi is a real issue this morning. I spoke to Vibinc who has this comprehensive post on the flooding in west Tennessee, and Left Wing Cracker last night and the situation in that part of the state looks like things could get bad. It’s more than just Memphis but everyone on the Mississippi River.

And I’m talking very bad.

Dyer County - TEMA photo


Friends, this flooding hasn’t even really started yet. Cairo, IL has had mandatory evacuations already. Paducah, Ky is in trouble. Much of northwest Tennessee is already underwater.The Mississippi River is a beast and it looks pretty angry right now.