Today’s Jasper Award Goes To The Mainstream Media

While watching CNN this morning I learned all about the clothing habits of Rick Santorum’s penchant for sweater vests. Yes indeed, a whole segment dedicated to this “secret weapon” which was apparently picked up by MSNBC just a few minutes ago.

The Jasper Award goes to the lazy coverage I’ve seen the last couple of days. How many times do I have to watch the same stump speech from Mitt Romney saying his been going steady with his wife, Ron Paul doing what Ron Paul does, Newt Gingrich snarling at people, Michelle looking oddly like she always does?

It’s been like a three-day press release. Where was the bite?

Salon writes:

Political journalism, of course, is supposed to be adversarial in nature. It’s supposed to be about providing a check on power, and about covering issues, elections and candidates without regard for whether the candidates and their staffs want them covered. Yet, what Capital New York tells us is a taboo truism that is rarely ever spoken out loud: Namely, that for all the faux conflict and chest thumping of the cable shows, and all the references to “Boys on the Bus” nostalgia among print reporters, political journalism today is now the mirror opposite of adversarial. It’s about people who preen around calling themselves “reporters,” but who are in reality just glorified royal courtiers simply transmitting press releases and spoon fed stories from the candidates and their staffs.

Couldn’t agree more. Enjoy your Jasper.