Whisperin’ Bill Haslam

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is expressing exasperation at the attention given to the “craziest” proposals flowing through the Tennessee General Assembly.

But instead of taking lawmakers to task, the governor points the finger at the news media.

Read the whole story here. I can wait.

I don’t think Gov. Bill Haslam is particularly good at GOP Word Soup but he’s got the message down of weapons of mass distraction. Throw something bright and shiny about the room and blame the media if all else fails. We’ve had some potentially long-term damaging legislation presented the past couple of years. Haslam was a bit AWOL in 2011 and now he has the opportunity to actually do something crazy like, oh I don’t know, being governor.

The Saggy Pants Bill, the Science in Schools bill, voter suppression, women’s reproductive health and interfering with local governments across this state are newsworthy. Go read R . Neal about the coverage that has been in KNS about saggy pants and then compare it to education stories. 

How many times here will I say Leaders Just Lead. Haslam is governor and he can veto some of these things if he chooses to.

And let’s also be clear, thousands of bills have been introduced this legislative session and then we are told many legislators aren’t even reading them and then the governor reveals (or his staff, who knows) don’t know how they work.

Now we know that this is what we are dealing with during his time in the governor’s mansion and that we will be the laughing stock of national media. Instead of leading with some common sense, we are told “Blame the Media.”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I honestly don’t think Haslam is a bad man but he also appears not to have a set of keys to the asylum where there is more talk of sex and perceived debauchery than I’ve ever heard. He is the governor. Leaders just lead.

I would love to see our legislators go out and meet the millions of kind Tennesseans who are just trying to do a hard day’s work and get home to their families. This legislative body appears to think the worst of us at all times. That we are all just a bad lot of people.

We aren’t.

Legacies are important and what I’m seeing is that the legacy of this particular session of the General Assembly will be about treating average Tennesseans with a lack of respect.

Haslam, you do have choices. Quit blaming and start leading because that’s what the people in this state deserve. It’s not hard.

We already have Whisperin’ Bill Anderson in this state. We don’t need Whisperin’ Bill the Governor.

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  1. April 8, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    It’s hard for me to accept that he thinks “blame the media” is an acceptable response, instead of, you know, being a leader and taking the legislature to task for the nonsense they’ve focused on. I guess it’s easier, but even though I have little respect for Haslam, this seems to me to be a new, ridiculous low.

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