When You Play Defense, You Push Back

There have been many times during this session of the General Assembly that my jaw has just dropped out of socket. From Whisperin’ Bill Haslam’s lack of leadership to the very real reality that we have moved back nearly 90 years with the Monkey bill, I always had a little bit of hope that common sense and decency would win out in the end. Yeah, I’m an optimist that way but this time I’m just not so sure.

Case in point, we won’t save our environment (Stephen Fincher wants to cut the EPA’s legs off and yes he said that) and we have GOP politicians talking like they are gunslingers in a Clint Eastwood move where he usually didn’t have a name. We’ve had countless subcommittee meetings on Guns, Gods And Gays but very few about jobs. We’ve also demonized teachers. Again. Oh, and don’t forget that this is the 107th General SexAssembly.

And the Scopes Monkey Trial will most likely be revisited in this state very, very soon.

The one thing about government and politics that I learned as a kid back when dinosaurs were smoking cigarettes was that everyone deserves a seat at the table. That someone like my grandfather and father who were born with nothing could live the American Dream. And they did.

I don’t know if we have given up on the American Dream. I know I haven’t but it appears people with money and power have.Women’s rights? Who needs ’em! Except, I don’t know, women? Education? Horse Hockey, wait I mean horse slaughter which has nothing to do with education.  Bullying kids, that’s cool but don’t teach them science.

It’s ridiculous.

As I said earlier this week, the legislation that I’m seeing statewide (and nationally quite frankly) is there is an assumption that the average person is inherently bad. A couple of instances of voting fraud from election officials and poor and older voters are having their right to vote made even more difficult.

Aren’t we supposed to be helping our neighbors?

Instead, we are wasting time doing crap like this.

This is the year we need to oppose. Remember, when constitutional amendments hit the ballot in 2014, if we don’t have it together then that’s when a new kind of hurting is going to start.