A Poem About Pandas

Bad poetry about pandas requested by Kevin Teets.

Coniferous forests hidden by trees and foliage were your hiding ground. You tried to avoid, to live a life without fuss and leaning closely to swaying sweet smelling trees that no one could see.

And then anime and stuffed animals brought you into Wal-Mart and Hello Kitty stores. And the world fell into an abyss. You never strived to be a sideshow.

And there you were.

The sweet taste of bamboo was all you required. Stripped of what you loved, your shell rose and you forgot the forests. They are there though, although it is hard to remember the shade of the trees.

The pressure was like the boiling springs of Arkansas, which I am sure you have never even fathomed. Many delights from China have not known the swelling underground noise that this one state can be. And so, they put in behind lead cages and asked you to perform things that would make Laura Ingalls Wilder blush.

And so you did not. Your decision was one of determination. Your silence was one begging quietly to be let out of the cage.

Sweet bear of black and while, I understand your flight. Unique, solitary, you are the animal of an Emily Dickinson sonnet and yet they want you to do. To perform, to give more than you have.

You are not a sex show. You live life alone.

I wish for your escape.

Bad Poetry by me by request.