All The Feelings About Feelings

I was asked that earlier today and wondered what the hell it meant. Then I saw it in a Fiona Apple article that I’m too lazy to go look up. Seemed appropriate.

I was sitting this morning pondering the political relevance of Paris Hilton on her recent homophobic remarks which were heinous and then realized how she got famous in the first place. And then there was Kato Kaelin crawling back up from the trenches of irrelevancy and then my bullshitometer broke into a muddy creek of apathy. There was no weeping or gnashing of the teeth, it was only a quiet realization that I was hungry for an off-brand ice cream sandwich.

I mean the emotions were that monumental.

Ahh, pop culture how you do the things you do. Why am I writing about this? I have no idea but I am.

I think I was supposed to be outraged today about something, but I took the day off.

So watch this instead which of course is in honor of Paul Ryan.