DesJarlais Needs To Debate Stewart Immediately

I do believe it is a matter of character when it comes to Scott DesJarlais. And I also believe he needs to debate Eric Stewart immediately.

When revelations (we knew his character was questionable when DesJarlais ran against Lincoln Davis with domestic violence issues two years ago) were published yesterday where we see that the congressman had multiple affairs while married. He had sex with a patient who become pregnant and then urged her to get an abortion, it’s easy to think of the hypocrisy in this matter. Do as I say not as I do is not acceptable for any person that has vehemently pushed a political agenda of legislating his version of morality.

Yet the issue doesn’t need to go away in the news cycle or during these last few weeks of the election.

DesJarlais was elected to represent ALL of his constituents in District 4. This includes men and women. What we have seen is that he will talk the Tea Party talk, but he isn’t walking it. ┬áHe will talk about denying women basic healthcare rights but that doesn’t apply to him apparently.

He needs to debate Eric Stewart and quit hiding. He needs to show himself to his constituents and face the questions they may have not only about legislation but his very own character. I really don’t see him having a choice on this because being an elected official is a privilege not a right.

Let me repeat that statement because I mean it, being elected is a privilege and a huge responsibility to a great deal of people. It’s not a right, it’s an honor. It’s called public service for a reason. He needs to suit up and show up to face his challenger, especially after these recent revelations which he has not denied. It’s not dirty politics, Rep. DesJarlais, it’s about facing the public that YOU were voted to represent.

As voters, we need to push this debate. We need to keep the pressure on. That’s up to us. You can send him an email here to request that he accept Stewart’s request for a debate, especially if you live in District 4.


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