I Haven’t Changed My Mind: DesJarlais Needs To Debate Stewart

In watching Scott DesJarlais’ response to the national headlines surrounding him right now has been like watching a one-eyed dog chasing it’s on tail.

You see, the thing that DesJarlais doesn’t get as he blames everyone from his ex-wife to Eric Stewart is that personal responsibility is one thing Americans get. And we do. The blame game he’s playing right now is just another example of his questionable character. The best thing he could do is say he made mistakes. Yet he hasn’t done that, he refuses to debate Eric Stewart and he thinks it is everyone else’s fault that he’s in this situation but his own.

And that this is being called a smear is just not accurate. I really find his reaction to be absolutely delusional. He hasn’t disputed what he did he just doesn’t want anyone to talk about it.

He doesn’t get it.

He doesn’t get the hypocrisy of his actions. It doesn’t matter if the patient he was having sex with was pregnant or not, what matters is that he thought she was according to the telephone transcript and wanted her to get an abortion. And then DesJarlais ran as a pro-life candidate. He bullied her into doing what was most convenient for him, yet he would deny other people that same right. Here is a licensed medical doctor who took an oath to do no harm and yet he slept with a patient who came to him for healthcare. And this was just one of his affairs.

These actions, from the domestic violence allegations of threatening his ex-wife with a gun and putting her through the emotional hell of holding a gun in his mouth for hours combined with the new claims show a very cowardly, and potentially unstable, individual.

No wonder he doesn’t want to debate Stewart because, you know, Stewart is a dude.

If you agree with me that DesJarlais should debate Stewart, you can sign this petition. I did.

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  1. Kathleen Whitehead
    October 12, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    I live here and this PIG must be publicly confronted.

  2. Marry
    October 15, 2012 at 3:32 am

    Thanks for share

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