Fall Observations From Nashville

I was going to write something about Monday night’s debate, but the sun was shining yesterday and leaves are becoming rust-colored in hues of red and gold, spiraling toward the ground. I couldn’t concentrate because the weather was so beautiful. It is just dazzling me right now in west Nashville. The mood of people I’ve been with lately as I’ve enjoyed a couple of outdoor patios is cheerful and upbeat. People are smiling. There is casual gossip and it just seems folks are in a good mood.

I’m debated out, quite frankly, and most people I know are as well. I don’t think debates really change anyone’s mind. As much as I’d love to throw some good old fashioned policy talk out there, I’m just not feeling it right now. This cold has made me tired so I’m just looking at the trees turn colors.

There is one woman I recently met who sits alone sometimes and joins me at other moments. She lost her husband recently. She loved him and speaks of him often of how they were a team. I like her resolve and how she admittedly talks of the reality of being a young widow. She’s lonely for him, but it’s obvious she knows the difference between being alone and lonely. She just misses him. I like to listen to her and although I don’t know this man, I rather wish I did as he sounds quite wonderful. She starts a new job soon and is looking bittersweetly to the next chapter of her life.

As I said, the banter has been light. Baseball has being discussed and I’ve being teased for being a Cardinals fan with a good natured slyness from some of my pals. One of my GOP buddies asked me earlier about Romney’s Binder Full Of Women comment. He was serious and I just said that it was a gaffe that was offensive because it was out of touch. He didn’t disagree. We sort of shrugged and moved on to discussing that we were both too old to understand Taylor Swift’s music.

I wanted to vote last week but I’ll do my best to hit early voting either today or tomorrow. Depends on if I can quit coughing long enough to actually give my name at the precinct and I don’t want to be Typhoid Trace at the voting booth. That wouldn’t be cool.

Squirrel Queen has been night sitting a deaf Scotty at night who is named Forrest. Nights are pretty much my own so I keep watching documentaries.

I know a lot of people who have election fatigue right now in the homestretch. The online world is a bit noisy with talk of the national elections and local candidates are working hard to make it two more weeks. There are times though you have to see what’s going on around you, or at least I need to.

So if you see me early vote later this week, I’ll be the woman whose nose looks oddly Klingon from excessive tissue use. Be nice to me or I’ll sneeze on you. You don’t want that, I assure you.