Believing The Best

I believe in America. I believe there are good people that live in this nation and in this state. I have been given gifts of kindness when I have felt broken and battered. I see more people smile with a gentle purpose than I have seen destroyed by anger. I see people give more than I see average people take.

I believe in people until they prove me wrong. More people are giving, in my experience, than those who want to cause harm. Of course, we all have been harmed at times but it is kindness and compassion that help us up when we are on our knees. Maybe I am from a different generation, but I do remember being taught these things. I think it’s important to remember.

In this country, we are allowed to disagree. I have always found that agreeing to disagree is also important. We don’t all have to watch the same channel and read the same books but we also don’t have to scoff at people that don’t dig the same things we do. We have a choice, we can mock them or learn from them.

Yesterday, I saw a picture of Chris Christie and Barack Obama working together and my initial thought is that is what should be done in the wake of this natural disaster.

It’s been weird this week. Hurricane Sandy showed up and politics didn’t matter ┬ábecause homes were lost, electricity was gone and people died. ┬áNot saying that politics and next week’s election are prevalent of people’s minds because early voting lines have been long. It’s just that in terrible moments like this in our country, we should remember who we are and who can be.