Where I Get A Bit Defensive (I Apologize But I’m Stabby)

I was told last night by a someone that I’ve become less of a badass over here. (You are more conservative, they said. WTF?) I’m living in a city without a car and I’m a bit verklumpt, but I guess that’s not an excuse. Well, apparently that may be true but I guess doing some history is not being a badass. Why do I have to be a badass? When did history go into the waste can even in my party? One doesn’t know.

I’d rather be having a conversation about how to make Tennessee better.

Let’s go, kids:

  1. Lee Atwater is something I’ve written about. Go find out about him yourself. I think it is rather important to know about although he’s been dead for about 20 years, man, what a history lesson.
  2. The Southern Strategy is something you should probably know about.
  3. Scott DesJarlais did NOT debate Eric Stewart. I tried, Laws knows I tried.
  4. On being a progressive blogger when you are eating ramen noodles and if you talk about tipping the PayPal account makes you a very bad person. Also, look at the ass kicking I got because apparently you aren’t supposed to talk about that. Thanks Glen. LINK
  5. Tried to go all mentory that no one really really wanted, I guess. Written off and I guess it changed me. (Also, get off my lawn if you are going to be a butt.) LINK
  6. I’ve had conversations that turned into me breathing fire about Photo Voter Id. LINK
  7. Where I wrote that institutionalized knowledge about the state of politics over the years in the state of Tennessee is kinda important. You know, learn from the past and be better in the future was my mantra. Not everything is based in Fox News crazysauce. LINK
  8. Hey! I give some Unsolicited Advice to Democrats in this state that probably was kinda needed.
  9. Apathetic voters. Not a lot of people went out and and talked to them but I did. LINK
Just a few things. I have 7,000 posts over here and a ton more in other places. I don’t know. I know it is the last days of the election but we had a crisis last week and I just didn’t feel like writing because people were in trouble. We are all Americans. If you want to see me get ballsy, go here. I have a Facebook page that my dad follows, so I’m much more gentle there and on Twitter, I do what I do.
If you aren’t reading me, don’t tell me what you think I should do when you don’t know what I’m doing. Just don’t, when you meet me if you aren’t playing the game and reading.
If you are reading me, then let’s go. I think the thing is that what is your definition of badass, because I’m tired and I do this for little or nothing. And I do it because I care.


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  1. Tom Guleff
    November 5, 2012 at 9:17 am

    Don’t listen to fools.

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