On-line Petitions

On-line petitions are about gaining email accounts where demographics can be herded like cats in many ways. I’m not necessarily against on-line petitions, but it is important to know that they serve a purpose that is much more about the issue you might be voting for or against.

I’m not saying don’t sign petitions. Sign them if you want to. It’s a part of democracy of being able to say and sign what you want to. I have signed some myself because I knew that I would continue to be sent information about specific things. It’s just a reminder though that many times when people put their digital signature to a cause of the week, not much will get done in instituting any real, meaningful change in government or meaty policy. It’s basically just a new way to say I’m all in. I tend to like local petitions from state-wide entities like TEP or Tennessee Citizen Action, but that’s just me.

This isn’t just politics, it’s the new way business tries to grab folks’ attention. World Market sends me about three pressers in my inbox a week because I signed up for a free sample of coffee on my birthday. I received a free cup of java and they got an email address that they use quite a bit. I don’t mind, I asked for it with my John Hancock. The same goes with organizations such as Amazon and countless others.

With your email address, another element for promotion is gained in spreading a message, an issue or a product.

And for that whole secession hoopla going on right now. It is as exactly at Southern Beale writes this morning. The states are not going to secede (it’s a law ya’ll).  It’s just another way that disgruntled voters that weren’t too happy with last week’s election to raise some hell about Pres. Obama without doing much more than signing a petition. She also brings up the other side to on-line petitions and that is there really is no way to gauge what are real contacts and what aren’t.  In so many ways, this is just another way to stay in the news for a little bit longer.

As I said, on-line petitions are great and inexpensive ways to gather email addresses. It’s also good to know that is part of what is happening.

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