Annoying Autobiographical Pause – Holidays, Politics And Pepper Spray

Another holiday has come and gone. Everyone lived through it. I didn’t get to go home this year again, but it was okay. Last year I felt a bit like an orphan (Little Orphan Coma) but this year it was just another heightened day. SQ worked, I sort of wandered around to friends’ events and wiped out a tray of ham rolls stuffed with cream cheese and shallots. Those were pretty damned good. I need to learn how to make those things because I inhaled them like air.

There are a few things of note that I watched over the four day holiday weekend. First of all, it really amazed me that Scott DesJarlais finally spoke and it showed up in the news on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, the day that everyone was watching bad lip-synching and football is the day he finally addressed his constituents.

I also saw this story about football and Gov. Bill Haslam where once again our governor makes a sort-0f statement. The idea that academic scholarships are involved in recent decisions concerns me.  Just my two cents on the matter …

In other news, I lost my temper Friday night with a goon who has been harassing SQ and I for about two months with some of the most offensive and idiotic crap known to evolved man. This man is so pushy that he makes the pushiest person in America look like a My Little Pony. It was handled, but for the first time in my life I am contemplating buying pepper spray. Honestly, the first time in my life I am looking at doing this. No worries, it was handled but there seems to be a bit of an obsession about my personal life. So there is that. These are the times I miss Dirk Diggler who does not tolerate fools lightly. And Mr. Jimmy, who would have tripped this guy with his fancy walking cane.

So, other than Douche McDoucherson, it wasn’t bad.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming …