Searching For A Car Chronicles

I’m a pretty trusting person. You really have to give me a good reason for me to want you removed from the same air I’m breathing. Yet, I’m having some trust issues right now and the person I don’t really trust is me. With what I do for a living, I have to have a car. It just absolutely is imperative.

The story goes that I’ve been looking for a new to me car for about three months now. As you may remember, my former car who I called Steve Austin died a horrific death back in September.

I’ve scrimped, I’ve saved, I’ve been blessed and I had about three good options recently but they didn’t pan out. That’s cool. Things happen. Yet on the other hand I have no mechanical knowledge in the least. And I only have cash to pay so whatever I get is going to be older but I really need it to be reliable. It can look like crap I just need it to run for at least a couple of years.

So here is a guide of things I’ve gone through during this torturous procedure so you don’t have to:

  1. Everyone seems to want to sell me a car but when I look at the blue book value and it’s much less than the price they are asking, I hesitate. When I bring it up, the owners look like I have shot and killed their award-winning labradoodle puppies.
  2. I have learned about different types of titles.
  3. I have learned about asking about if there ever was any flood damage.
  4. Just because it looks pretty on the outside doesn’t mean there isn’t a rubber band and a hamster underneath the hood.
  5. I have tried to find vehicles that have just one to two owners behind them. That isn’t easy in the least.
  6. Yes, I have tried and craigslist. I have also tried word-to-mouth, which I honestly prefer. Next stop is Autotraders little news shopper I guess.
  7. I met a man recently who has several cars in his possession and has talked to me about buying one of his. He collects them. I hope he meant what he said because I am very intrigued with the deal he is offering and the car he is talking about would be a dream. I just hope he meant it. (Maybe my trust issues are running deeper. I hate car shopping on a budget. It has worn me down.)

Anyway, that’s where it stands. I have a new friend who said he would look at the car and help a sister out. I may have to call on him about it. I really just want this to be over so I can not feel so isolated. I think they call this being taught patience.

And I need to trust myself, make a decision and start moving.