Annoying Autobiographical Pause : Post Christmas Stretch

We have survived Christmas, as we always do. The stress of the holiday season always seems to be fade away by mid-day on the actual holiday. Other than my friend’s turkey, which she was bringing to our potluck, being stolen out of the smoker on Christmas Eve, the Inaugural Orphan Dinner we all put together went surprisingly well and I think it was enjoyed and well-received. We all agreed that other people probably needed it more than we did and we still had two tons of ham and we still had more food than we could all eat. Thanks, I needed this event to look forward too and I realized that you can have friendship and joy that can fill in the blanks just when you most need it.

As this year goes crashing toward renewal, I believe that the story of the year is that Newt Gingrich got bit a penguin. What makes the story more unbelievable is that in 1995 he was bitten by baby cougar. I think the moral of the story is that animals at zoos across this great nation either like the taste of Newt or they just plum don’t like him. I also think the Getting It First or Getting It Right story needs more attention that it gets, but that’s just me I guess. I also think the halting of work on I-69 is going to leave a huge bruise for the west side of Tennessee.

In other news, I really like that David Letterman is talking about his personal history with depression. I wrote last week about having periodic depression and the response has been overwhelming. I have received several emails of people sharing their stories which won’t appear here for that is their stories to tell. I also have talked to several women that I know who read the post and wanted to discuss their histories as well. It’s been rather cathartic that you can talk about something so personal and it seems to resonate. It’s something that should be discussed and not hidden away in painful and personal caves within our souls.

On a final note, don’t be these people. Just don’t.

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  1. December 26, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    Merry Christmas, Lady! for the first time i hosted a christmas eve orphans gathering – we called it “Monday”. Somewhere around midnight, as i looked across the room at happy, yakking people, eating and laughing, i realized that it could have been any night of the year, not christmas eve. Mission accomplished…

    here’s to the families we create!

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