High Noon


The 108th General Assembly will begin tomorrow at high noon.  I may be a politico/geek but one of my most favorite things about session what goes through the House and Senate’s calendar and rules committees, which sets the tone for what is ahead. Of course with a supermajority, it’s going to be interesting to watch. As I read earlier today (and which will go into the Buzz tomorrow) by Leo Tolstoy is that writing laws is the easy part, governing is the difficult one.

One of the best stories I’ve seen thus far in preparing for tomorrow on what we are looking at this year is from Andrea Zelinski at the Nashville City Paper. Take a few minutes and peruse her article. I can wait.

As I said, I always like to see what makes it out of committee. And now that Speaker Beth Harwell is proposing limiting bills and changing house rules, it’s going to be intriguing. Also take into consideration that this proposal will affect not both parties but the different factions currently serving in the legislature.  The Republicans, the Democrats and The Tea Party. As I said last week, the Tea Party has changed the game to a large degree and could prove, behind closed doors at least, to be problematic for more moderate republicans. We will just have to wait and see what the coming weeks shows us. One thing is for sure, it might prove to be, as Joe Powell writes, bordering on insanity.

Yep, governing is the hard part but that’s what we elected them to do. Let’s see if they can deliver more than just a bunch of model legislation and do what’s best for Tennesseans and that means everybody, not just the chosen few.


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