History, Optimism And Looking Ahead

I’ve been watching a comprehensive miniseries called The Ultimate Guide To The Presidents on the History Channel this weekend.  It was a very straightforward account of the policy challenges that each president faced during their administrations. There were strong leaders who proudly used their power to enact change. There were others who basically just wasted air.

Of course Lincoln was focused on heavily and it’s clear that he was a master politician and leader. There were others, Andrew Johnson as an example, that couldn’t govern his way out of a backpack. It made me think of many things, but the main thing in politics is that there is no war ever one, just a series of battles that continue in some form and fashion over centuries. There have been leaders that governed, and of course, there are leaders who opposed. In each situation,

And so much of what went on generations ago we are still debating and discussing today. The same policies, reforms, civil rights, civil liberties, are still being discussed centuries later.

We tend to forget more than we learn. It happens nationally and it happens in this state.

As we remember Martin Luther King Jr. and the inauguration of the second term of our president, Barack Obama, I wish to remember the past and I hope, as a nation, we can learn new ways to abolish old hurt and bad policies. I hope we are as brave of a nation as we need to be.

We can be united using our voices whether we are public servants or not. It has been done in small and significant ways that work. I am reminded we can choose to be silent or we can choose to elevate a better way for everyone and not just a select few. It has happened before and it can happen again.

I remain optimistic.