You Can’t Find The Woods While You’re Hiding In The Trees

I was meeting with a friend of mine late yesterday afternoon and we were discussing national and statewide politics. I like AB a whole lot and he always has a perspective on issues from politics to sports that I hadn’t considered. We then started to talk about the poetry in music because as you know, everything is connected.

He shared one of his favorite songs to me from Nine Inch Nails and this particular lyric from the song “Right Where It Belongs”.

You keep looking but you can’t find the woods
While you’re hiding in the trees

I thought about this for the rest of the night and how these words resonate as we both agreed that it can apply not only to politics but to life in general.

When watching legislation that has been filed this week which we also discussed, it became clear to me that I am lucky to have so many younger friends in my life who have the same passions that I have. They listen to me and I learn from them. It really is a gift.

One thing we discussed yesterday, both of us gently nursing a beer and shaking our head at how our beloved state has become the joke of this nation with such disrespectful and dangerous legislation, is that we keep doing the same old things and get the same results. So many people only think of wins and losses and not the long game where there will be both but folks are still moving ahead. The TEP gets it as does Tennessee Citizen Action as well as others who know that you have to keep on keeping on despite the odds. I’ve always said that there has to be short-term objectives, medium goals and long-term thinking of what will happen 10 years, or even 20, from now when I’ll probably be planted in a dirt garden.

And it begins with folks like AB who isn’t lost in the woods at all and can tell  you the different kinds of trees he sees on his journey. He’s just like me, screaming into a tunnel of jello where the sound gets absorbed before it reaches the sky.

It is the ABs of the world who are the future in politics if given a chance to use their voices and they are fearless.

We need fearless.