Keep On Talking!

Over the past week in my little holler in this big state, I’ve had more folks than I can count ask me about Sen. Stacey Campfield’s proposed legislation. The Don’t Say Gay bill and the bill cutting public assistance based on a student’s school performance.

These questions have come offline and from regular folks. Not people on Twitter or Facebook or who blog about politics religiously, but people who are confused on why Campy is on their TV screens and are incredulous that

Stacey Campfield

our beloved state is being made the butt of a national joke. Just a group of folks just sitting around who have never asked me questions like this before. Over the past couple of years, events in the last couple of weeks have changed the conversation from “I don’t care about politics” to “Explain how this policy works. Who sponsored that bill? What does this mean? Why was he so hateful to that woman who sent him that letter”

And I couldn’t be more delighted that people are asking questions so Thank You Campy!

On several occasions, the conversations moved from Campy but to other legislation. Worker’s Compensation, background checks on assault weapons, school vouchers, Medicaid expansion and how the legislative calendar works has been the topic of conversation. I have had two great conversations about conservation and bills that will affect the environment.

Nice to see some good coming out of the asinine. Once again, good job Campy. People are talking and we know you love that, but I’m seeing people want to learn right now who couldn’t have given a crap earlier. Believe me, I hate having to defend my state but I’m more than delighted that people, real folks, are asking questions about more than just Campy.

That is of the good.