My Tree Keeps Me Safe

Faith, the Memphis girl protected by a tree named April.

I’ve watched a video this morning about a little girl in Memphis named Faith who has a tree that protects her that she has named April. In the same video, there is Hattie Mae who is in the twilight of her life who also has a tree stump she leaves messages on telling people to live life now. It’s a short by Alan Spearman that I hadn’t seen.

It’s poetry. Visual poetry so startling that I have watched it more than once.

As the winds howl this morning in Nashville and sirens scream in the distance, I’ve thought a lot about Faith today. Sometimes you need something and you don’t know what that is.

Today I needed Faith.

We heard yesterday of a family friend who committed suicide. He was older, although not near as old as he looked, and we knew his health was failing. He was always kind, liked to laugh and ¬†was a bit naughty with me but always treated me with respect. When we heard the news and after a few days of being sleep-deprived and out of sorts (and I have been grieving something that I don’t want to talk about here) learning he had shot himself jolted me to the inner part of me that I rarely go.

Faith reminded me that there is so much I don’t know and there are things that I do. Faith believes a tree will protect her and I believe that tree will because I have to. I need to.

We could not protect our friend who died Thursday night. There are times I wonder how to protect myself and the people I love. I grieve that each day I grow older, I lose precious time to make things right. I need to start believing that the trees will protect me instead of focusing on the ugliness that I watch daily in my job. Politics in Tennessee isn’t pretty right now, but April the tree who protects a little girl named Faith is beautiful.

Reminders that there is still joy and wonder in this world, in this state for that matter, because honestly what we all really need is Faith.

Special thanks to Meg Seigenthaler for sharing this just when I needed it.