Two Days In The Life

Christy Frink's Artwork On The Day That Will Live In Infamy

Christy Frink’s Artwork On The Day That Will Live In Infamy

Squirrel Queen and I were hanging out with Bohan yesterday because that’s what we do. As two bizarre aging women it’s nice to just chill for awhile. We lost him for awhile because the owner of the place we were at abducted him for about an hour and I thought he might have been thrown in one of the freezers in the kitchen. We sent out an AlexAlert on twitter and while we waited aa nice liquor salesperson let us try Strawberry and Creme Vodka and something that tasted like flat Mountain Dew. Well actually Bohan had some too so maybe that’s why we lost him. Once never knows.

When we realized that Bohan had not been murdered by a Chupacabra and finally joined back up with us because campers there is nothing like losing someone in 2000 sq. feet, we went and ate copious amounts of food.

Of course the discussion went to politics, music and our intense lack of trust in any of Taylor Swift’s music because A.) we are too old for Taylor Swift’s music and in Bohan’s case, he just would rather be in a mosh pit. I’ve been in a mosh pit once. I decided at that moment that my short and husky frame was not made for mosh pits. My unique physique is more apt for a recliner watching bad Syfy movies. I recognized this fortunately at a very young age.

These things happen …

This morning I realized that I have been in Nashville for more than two and a half years. On my second day in Nashville, the Giant Bellevue Beaver was found in the Harpeth River. I still find this hysterical and wish I’d had T-shirts made up because there isn’t anything that makes me laugh louder than rodent hysteria. Although I appear as a middle-aged broad in real life, I am actually a 12-year-old boy whose spirit animal is apparently a bloated dead beaver that local first responders and Nashville media thought was a dead body. You know, you just can’t make this shit up.

Nope, this isn’t a political post campers because politics has made me a bit stabby. For some insightful reading today, head over to Lora’s and read about ¬†how women can support each other as this is International Woman’s Day as all I’ve talked about is mosh pits and dead beavers.

There are certain days that are rather groovy. Yesterday and Dec. 2, 2010: Never Forget.

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