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ZombieCat …

February 11, 2008 - Author: newscoma

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Alice : My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corperation, There was an accident, then, everybody died. Trouble was… they didn’t stay dead.

Nicholai Sokolov : [after killing the dog zombie] Stay.

Larry Elvis is smashing as a zombie.

Thanks Jefferson.

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Elvis Zombie Bot

January 24, 2008 - Author: newscoma

From one of my new guilty pleasures, I’ve been reading the blog And I’m Not Lying For Real, I bring you the tale of the Elvis ZombieBot.

Here’s a picture which shows you the best, as Jeff Simmeron calls it, Rockabilly Westworld.


This guy is one of the funniest writers I’ve read in a long time.

Yay, it cheered me up.

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Ed Helms As Glen The Zombie

January 16, 2008 - Author: newscoma

Funny or Die has outdone themselves. Due to a twitter from the beautiful and lovely Jagadiah, I’ve been privy to this display of awesomeness.


Ed Helms is Glen the Zombie and it’s just about the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a long time.

You must watch all chapters.

There is joy in this world.

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My Love Affair With Richard Matheson

December 12, 2007 - Author: newscoma

Yeah, my normal stuff is by the way side this very cold, yet balmy, yet confusing evening.

I’m writing about a love affair of mine that is passionate and filled with so much desire I cannot stand the tingling I feel.

It’s filled with craving of things I cannot write, but I admire.

I love Richard Matheson. I like horror novels like I Am Legend so this is up there with one of the best. It was written 11 years before I was even born and it is extremely timely for the world we live in.

You don’t know him? Yeah you do. Have you seen Duel, the first film of Steven Spielberg?

There is so much more. You may not know his name, but YOU know him.

He wrote I Am Legend in 1954. Yeah, you get the picture. In my second month of blogging, I talked of this of my extreme joy of reading this book. Matheson, Jack Finney, Harlan Ellison

I adore you.

I defer to my younger self:

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson – If you like horror novels, and I do, this one rocks. Who is the bad guy in this novel? Sort of reminds me of what’s going on right now in the world, the isolation, need for social grounding and the fact that nothing appears at it seems.

What I didn’t say almost two years ago is how that this novel deconstructs the vampire myth in a way that, if you like horror novels, will make your throat clench. How it throws away the Romanticism of the undead and knocks it on it’s head because it’s not about eternity, but about survival is just … sweetly horrific.

It’s more than about the undead, it’s about changes in evolution.

It’s about the death of a society, of a generation.

And, it’s about things that wipe out the planet. The Ebola Virus, Aids, War … it’s about the annihilation of our planet  due to things we have no control of.

And how one man must survive.

The claustrophobia in this book, written more than a half a century ago, will make you retreat into your darkest place.  Because it’s just damn well scary.

Man, I’m sure that non-fans will scoff but how sweet, how exquisite I’m making this out to be, cut dangit, it is.

How evil, yet not. See, that’s what this is about. It’s about the human condition during fear and loss of control. It’s about changes in this world. Oh, Richard, you are my idol. I’m so serious.

The novel is about how the one man’s isolation against the apocalypse. It’s about evolution of our species. And, it’s about sometimes we are right.

Then sometimes we aren’t.

Oh, dear, this is sweet. And I’m looking at this novel as we speak.

Now, I haven’t seen the latest movie, but I will say that Vincent Price’s The Last Man on Earth was very much a Vincent Price movie.

Charleton Heston’s The Omega Man was not bad, but not great.

I’m so hoping, Will Smith, because I dig you and I think you are groovy. Please, let this be good. Third time is the charm.


Yes, the book is delicious. Will the third movie honor Richard Matheson’s work?

I hope so. Because Robert Neville is the Holden Caulfield for those of us who love the horror genre.

Mr. Matheson, thanks for changing it up. You are inspirational.



I’ve gushed enough. Whoops.

Now, go here if you are bored by my love of the horror genre. Yeah, I know, I know.

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You Must Always Plan Ahead For The Zombie Apocalypse

November 28, 2007 - Author: newscoma

Because Raincoaster is always on top of things, I want to remind you that Dec. 5 is Ninja Action Day. I know that we are all private ninjas when we go home, giving the illusion of being mild-mannered bloggers, but when we turn off the computer …



So, I’m stealing this from Raincoaster. It’s his idea, not mine and I’m late on the ball because the video was from earlier this month.

I was busy.

My ninja duties have been really heavy lately.


If you are a ninja, you must prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

It’s in the handbook.

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Zombies Vs. Pilgrims

November 20, 2007 - Author: newscoma

I think you guys might want to check this out.

“UNSETTLED” THE WORLD’S ONLY ZOMBIES VS. PILGRIMS MOVIE!!! In 1585 a group of English settlers landed near present-day North Carolina. These pilgrims expected wealth and prosperity from the untouched land but instead recieved famine and hyperthermia. Their eventual fate has been unknown UNTIL NOW!!



This was sent to me by J.D. Rainer.

Of course, it’s all true. I KNEW IT!

History books never tell you the real stuff.

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The Zombeatles

November 6, 2007 - Author: newscoma

Sharon Cobb sent me this earlier this week and it’s FABULOUS.


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Zombie Cheerleader

October 31, 2007 - Author: newscoma



By popular demand, a zombie cheerleader and a zombie football player who is a friend’s son.

Make-up by Squeegee Monkey.

My family makes me laugh.

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Ghoulfriend In A Coma

October 27, 2007 - Author: newscoma

In keeping with our horror/Halloween thread for no other reason than it gives me joy, here are some things to keep you titillated through the pre-Halloween weekend.

And, no you cannot watch “Failure to Launch” or you will be haunted by dirty, zombie raccoons who will come over to your house and terrorize your cat and pet turtle.

First of all, Hollywood Ron has some great horror movie reviews over at Subtle Bluntness. I love this line in his review of “Dracula 2000”:

To call this film abysmal is to malign abysses throughout the country. To say this film sucks is an offense to every other film that’s ever sucked. This movie, even with the 0 skulls it earned, somehow manages to be offensive even to Living Corpse’s rank of terrible bombs. To say this film really is that bad is an understatement, but…

It really is THAT bad. I watched it for free without anyone else knowing that I did, and I still felt dirty, cheated, raped, and ripped off. I wanted back money I didn’t spend.

Now, Crypto Joe, also known in political circles as Cuppa, takes us to the world of vampires, one that he and I are both fond of:

I like vampire movies, meaning they do not scare me. I enjoy them. A movie which scares me is something like “Steel Magnolias”. The thought of having to watch that movie makes me shiver with revulsion.

And this leads to a question for all of you — what is your favorite vampire movie? Who has done the best job onscreen of being a vamp? A quick search for ‘vampire’ at IMDB reveals thousands of movies to pick from.

How many parents named their daughters “Shelby” after that movie? Too many, if you ask me.

Entertainment Weekly lists its top 20 scariest movies, although I think Horror movie fans will enjoy the list over at Retro Crush a bit better.

And, just for the hell of it, head over to Ghost Study to see pictures of ghosts like this one with a ghoul in the television.


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Bush vs. Zombies

October 23, 2007 - Author: newscoma

Well. It is Halloween week.

In my world at least.


It’s an oldie but damn if it’s not good.

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Coast To Coast

October 20, 2007 - Author: newscoma

Former Republican candidate  John Farmer and now webmaster of Blue Collar Republican will appear on Coast-to-Coast on November 3.

I have to say, I’m quite jealous. I’ve always had this wish to appear on Coast-to-Coast when they do Ghost-to-Ghost. Yes, I have some excellent ghost stories. I also like to make up zombie stories and although I’ve never seen Bigfoot, I want to.

Damn, but cool for John.

Man, who wants to support and expedition to find Bigfoot. I’m getting older. We need to do this soon.

I’ll bring the cooler.

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